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Business philosophy

●Social contribution is our first prinviple.Our mission is to provide the optimum technologies to the society.
●The whole staff work in harmony and in coordination to accomplish the tasks for the good of all.
●Every one pursues improvement of skills and peformance to become the core of civil engieering.

Suvey and inspection:visual inspection,ultrasonic methods,infrared methods, electromagnetic methods,cable grout examination,etc.
Tasting and measurement:bridge load tests,bridge deck punching shear test,residual expansion test,chloride ion measurement,concrete strength test,etc.
Design of prestressed/reinforced concrete structures:general and detailed design for new structures,repair and strengthening design ,exmination for prestressed concrete construction,etc.
Numerical analysis:elasto-plastic FEM,nonlinear FEM,thermal stress analysis,time-dependent strain analysis,etc.